Friday, September 27, 2013

Welcome to PE 2013-2014!

Physical and Health Literacy for Life!

Oi Gente!

The purpose of this blog to provide you with useful tools and resources that will help you grow within the physical education setting. 

Throughout our journey into physical fitness, we will work collaboratively to reach our goals - both as individuals and as a group. Developing the appropriate mindset is key so that growth in all areas of our learning is achieved.

Together, we will take risks in order to learn from our experiences, improving our knowledge and understanding of what it means to be physical and health literate in today's ever changing world.

I look forward to our time together!

Physical and Health Literacy:
Take a look at the following video from OPHEA (Ontario Physical and Health Education Association)...

What does it mean to be physical and health literate? Share your thinking!