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The Science of Basketball

Grade 10 Basketball: How are Science and Sport Connected?

Oi Grade 10!

Check out the YouTube video from ESPN science about Miami Heat basketball player Lebron James... I wonder, how are science and sport connected? What do you See-Think-Wonder

As we progress through our invasion unit on basketball, consider the following enduring understanding and essential questions.

Enduring Understanding
  • Basketball develops the skills and attitudes to be successful both on and off the court

Essential Questions
  • What movement skills and concepts practiced in invasion activities transfer into basketball?
  • How is leadership, fair-play, teamwork and communication used in basketball? How could these skills be applied outside of the PE setting?
  • What are the physical fitness components developed in basketball?
  • In what ways does basketball develop physical and health literacy?

I wonder, what lessons in developing a growth mindset could you learn from basketball player Brandon Todd?

Some FACTS about Basketball... (taken from Top 10 Facts About Basketball)
  • James Naismith (Canadian!), the man widely regarded as the inventor of basketball, was born on November 6, 1861
  • The original basketball was closed at the bottom, a ladder was needed to recover the ball
  • Basketball has been in every summer Olympics since 1936
  • Basketball is the national sport of Lithuania and Georgia

Heritage Minute - Historica Canada

Assessment in PE

Review the Descriptors of Achievement and Grades to help guide your development throughout this unit. Please note assessment rubrics for this unit are shared in our folder for PE. 

Take a look at the following videos to help guide your motor skills development...






Finishing up our discussion on basketball... What new thinking has taken place at the end of our unit?

I wonder, what new understandings have you gained after your participation in basketball? 

Draw upon our enduring understanding, essential questions, as well as our experiences in PE and/or a basketball-related resource to help guide your thinking.


  1. First, science and sports are connected because like in this video they were calculating his methods and distances. Thats using science to discover techniques when playing sports. To play basketball successfully you need to have speed, control of the ball, good targeting, and you need to jump high. Those are Lebron James techniques. I think they are very useful for everybody. Also, some of the techniques are for other sports too, not only for basketball. I saw that he really was always free for somebody to throw the ball to him. He always had a way. I think that is a good thing for our class to work on. Yet, I still wonder if in a game we have to be agressive? In our class, we are aways pushing each other... Do we need to do that to get the ball? Is there something else we can do to be able to catch a ball thrown to you with no one intersecting you?

  2. Science and sports are connected in various ways. For example, there are many studies of the human body, and athletes need to know about their bodies to be able to do sports successfully. For example, if a athlete can't breathe very well, he wont be able to be as successful as someone who can, and this is related to science because of the body, and what is malfunctioning.
    Now, I will talk about basketball. To begin with, some of the basic skills needed to play basketball are speed, teamwork, control, and good aim. Some things that I think while playing basketball are if I am going to shoot it correctly, or that I need to get the rebound. Finally, one thing that I wonder about in basketball is what is a way to let the other team not have the ball as much? Or, how can I prevent them from making a basket?

  3. How are science and sport connected?

    Science and sports connect in terms of strategies. The meaning of strategy is a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim; or in another words "the use of science". Probably, Lebron James, has the capacity to jump, run, and shoot faster because some of his physical features, but having just that isn't enough. Meaning, there can be someone that is really tall, with long arms and legs. If that someone doesn't have some kind of strategy, then it is of no use having those physical features. Most certainly, Lebron James has a certain strategy that can make him jump, run, and shoot faster. He may not use the word science when explaining it, but he actually is using science because of how he takes actions. Lebron James might prefer holding the ball with one hand instead of two for the results to a faster and longer throw.

    See, Thinks, and Wonders...

    What I see in this video is people playing with different types of strategies. Some ways may be better than others, but something will always help improving your skills. I also see that the basketball players have to be fast so they can play correctly. Not everyone has to be fast, but it would make an improvement to the game-score. The other two things are the height and how long they throw their ball. When someone is tall, the most likely thing is to get a better chance of shooting it inside the ring. As said above, not everyone has to be tall because Lebron James wasn't, yet he was still the best. Now, having the skill to throw the ball longer is a privilege because you can get to your team faster and more accurately. What I'm wondering is how could Lebron James have these skills. Where his relatives basketball player or did he have daily training? Is basketball the only thing he is good at? By having these important skills, Lebron James can do much further than basketball, and try new things in order to know if he is good at them or not.

    1. I also agree that having the physical features isn't everything, you need to know how to use them. Being tall and running fast can be helpful, but you need to know how use your height to your advantage and where to run so that you are not intercepted by opposing players.

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  5. Sports and science are connected in many different ways. Like shown in the video, LeBron James had techniques that allow him to be better than the average NBA players in everything! If we use our abilities, our skills, our talents well and correctly, we can be good in every area, just like LeBron James does when playing basketball. If we know how our body functions on the inside, we can think about how we can improve upon our abilities and be better on the outside.

    When watching the video, I noticed that there were many connections made between LeBron James' skills and an american football players' skills, and he seems to be better at a few things than these professional footballers. I wonder if LeBron could be good at the sport because he's quick, he's agile and he can throw from far distances and at a very short period of time.

    To play basketball successfully, I learned that you have to have accurate and strong shots and passes, throw the ball in a way that the defender can't block it, be fast, jump high, and never give up!

  6. Science and Sports are connected in many way. Lebron James has a few advantages when it comes to his body. He can run the entire basketball court in 4 steps less that the average basketball player. This helps with his quickness and agility across the court. He can also jump higher than the average basketball player when throwing a shot, making it harder for the defender to block the shot. He can also make extremely powerful passes because of his better physical condition, resulting in the success of the team.

    What I see how fit Lebron James is and how that effects his team's results. I see a lot of passing between the players and how that complicates the opposites team to defend. I think about how many hours of training Lebron must've done every day to achieve his current state. I also think about my realization that practice is essential for success in anything in life. I wonder if one player like Lebron James can change the whole team's result. I also wonder if Lebron James even lets his team mates make any baskets.

  7. Science and sport are connected because athletes have to know how the body works. They need to know how you jump before they can improve their jumping skills. With science you can learn about things that will affect your performance. If you know what muscles are being used to run fast or jump high, then you can exercise and work with those muscles to become better.
    For Lebron James, science applies to him because he seems much better then the average player like him. He jumps higher, runs with bigger strides and passes faster then most players like him. Science can be applied to this because, science helps us understand the body and if we understand his body better then we can understand how he works better.
    Training is also important for an athlete because they need a workout that is helping but not overworking. Science can help an athlete find a routine exercise program that is healthy for them.
    I now wonder how many hours of training does he have to do to become this good? Is he still a team player even though he is really good? How does he feel about what people are saying about him? I can see that it would take a lot of practicing and training to get this good as a team. They have to know each other and know themselves to play well. I can see that to be that successful you have to be dedicated and know your teammates well.

  8. There are tons of ways to define sports and science. LeBron James (the best player in NBA) he is a huge power forward and that can run a basketball court in nine strides unlike the other NBA players that can only go thirteen strides. That has to do with science because all of the things that are helping to do the work for him are his powerful muscles and his tall and muscular body, that relates to science because what we were bieng informed with were math but then when we added LeBron James in the video science came up because of LeBrons human body and mass.
    Well one of the skills that I see that are the most basic ones in basketball is height that is why everyone says I am bad at basketball because I am actually small and not strong. Another thing that I see when I watch NBA games is dribbling and passing, because where are you going to get without those two important actions. I actually wonder how does science and basketball connect because in the video I did not see much science involved in the video what I most saw in the video was numbers and those numbers had everything to do with math.

  9. I think science and sports are connected. LeBron James shows us this. With his advantages, he is the best player in the court. No one can beat him. I think science comes in strategy and health. LeBron's stratagy clearly helps him move around the court better than others. He knows he is special, so he uses the advantages in the game. Another thing is health. Since LeBron runs a lot in the court, he has got to spend time resting in breaks or he will be too tired in the game. Science shows that the human body is naturally tired, and LeBron has to use his bench time wisely.
    I see that LeBron is a revolutionary player. With his advantages in court, he is unstoppable. I think that LeBron really has a bright future and will be remembered as one of the best nba players. I wonder how he got his "powers". Did he get them when he was born or did he get them by practicing?

  10. In my opinion, science and sports are very related for some reasons. As it explained in the video above, science shows the techniques involved when you play a certain sport. For example, the video showed the speed of the ball, fast the basketballer can run to make him excel in a game. There are also other ways in which science is somehow related to sports. An example is that science can show you the muscles you are working when you practice certain sports. Another example is that when you have malnutrition, it certainly will affect your performance when playing sports, as you might gain more body fat and your resistance falls. All of this knowledge is important to be abel to accomplish the best results on the pitch by knowing your body's full potential, and always try to get to that point every match.

  11. I think that science and sports are connected in varies ways. For example, in the video, it said that his throwing was very fast and strong which helps during a game to pass the ball and shoot. Another example is his speed while dribbling. He can run very fast and dribble very fast, so that in the game, he can get to the other side of the court easier. Also, he can pass easier to other players and score easier. Another reason is how high he can jump while throwing. This is good because it would be harder for people to get the ball from him, and it would be easier for him to score. All of this is related to science, because of the strategies and the way he plays. Also, his health, since he is healthy, it is easier to play when if he was sick, it would be harder. Science is related in everything, even sports.

  12. I think that science and sports are connected very easily. For example, in the video it shows how lebron can jump heigher than most player so ultimately he can shoot better. Another example is that when he is trying to get a rebound he will get them 13.2 % of the time! I think that without science we could have none of these statistics used in this video.

  13. Science and sports are connected in many ways. First of all, in basketball you can calculate with how much force you need to shoot to make a basket depending on your distance. Additionally, you can calculate where the ball will lend so you can get the rebound. Not to mention, you can see how high you have to jump so you can make a basket, and how high you have to jump to be able to send the ball over someone who is in front of you. Also, in the video it shows that Lebron shoots fast so that he can make a basket easily. Not only this, but science helps you with all of your technique. Science can help a player be much more successful in a sport.

  14. Science and sports are connected because, as can be seen in the video, it was used to calculate LeBron James’ skills and compare him to other players. In this case science as used to evaluate sport. Secondly, a science is always important in determining whether a person is fit for sports, it’s always important to know your limits and that can only accurately be done through science.
    In this video I saw how important so many different skills are in basketball. At first I thought that to be good at basketball you only needed to know how to shoot. Now in understand though that shooting isn’t everything, and that in fact during a game good shooters can’t always get their shots because they aren’t fast enough or tall enough. I saw that being able to jump high and run fast can make you the best player because you are essentially unstoppable. I wonder how much of it is natural talent and how much came through hours and hours of practice a day, does it come easy for him or has he had to train a lot to become like this?

  15. The whole meaning of science is to study the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observations and experiments. After getting to know what is the purpose of science, we can affirm that science may be applied to everything in our world, including sports. As new theories, technologies, hypothesis emerge, scientists are trying to explain why certain things is the way it is in sports. Sports and science are being related since the 20th century, the release of the slow motion camera allowed scientists to make close observation on movements of athletes and explain how they can run so fast, shoot so strong, etc., and also explain how they can improve themselves in their sport, such as saying the angle that they shoo a ball,etc.

  16. Essential Questions
    What movement skills and concepts practiced in invasion activities transfer into basketball? When we practiced other invasion activities, like soccer and futsal, we enhanced our agility and speed, since you have to constantly run after the ball and swerve to avoid players from the opposite team. You basically have to do the same in basketball.
    How is leadership, fair-play, teamwork and communication used in basketball? How could these skills be applied outside of the PE setting? Leadership is used in basketball because when someone assumes the role of leader, he can plan out plays that will ensure a win. In our class, better players can help other less experienced players get better at basketball. Fair-play is a requirement for all sports, since sports are supposed to be fun, you shouldn’t only care about winning. Basketball is a team sport, so for a team to be successful, it needs teamwork and communication, because even if you have one awesome player, you can’t win unless everyone tries their best.
    What are the physical fitness components developed in basketball? You develop muscular and cardiovascular endurance if you play for a long time. You also develop power, since when you shoot you get explosion of force. You develop speed when dribbling at a fast pace, and agility if you swerve to avoid a player from the opposite team.
    In what ways does basketball develop physical and health literacy? If you play a lot of basketball, like any other sports, you will be more fit as you develop skills and fitness components.

  17. How is leadership, fair-play, teamwork and communication used in basketball? How could these skills be applied outside of the PE setting?
    Leadership, fair-play, teamwork and communication are crucial in playing basketball. For example, Leadership is used in basketball to organize the team members during game situations. In addition, a person with leadership is capable of instructing other team members, which can improve the motor skills within the group. Fair-play is important because without this, serious injuries can take place and the games will be less exciting, with the teams cheating for their benefits. Also, teamwork is important throughout the whole game, but especially when shooting; when a shoot does not go in, other team members must be prepared to get the rebound which will increase the probability of scoring a point. Lastly, I think communication is also very important throughout the game. This is because through communications, passes can be more accurate, for it prepares the person that will receive the pass. In contrast, if the person that is eager to receive the pass communicates with the passer, the passer can identify where the person is despite the chaos caused by the opponents trying to defend. Another example is that I noticed that people don't communicate a lot during shooting practice, and I have seen many cases where communication didn't take place and two people shooted at the same time, causing the balls to knock each other out.
    What are the physical fitness components developed in basketball?
    There are many physical fitness components that are involved in basketball. I think the most crucial of them are agility, speed and cardiovascular endurance. Agility, which is the ability to move body position quickly, is very important in basketball since it is used in dribbling, which is used almost always throughout the game. Speed is the ability to move your body rapidly, and this is also crucial because the offense should be able to dribble fast to the other side of the court in order to score a goal. Finally, cardiovascular endurance is the ability to sustain physical activity continuously, and I think this is very important since basketball involves a lot of running and therefore rapid loss of energy.