Monday, October 28, 2013

Basketball - Set Shot (example)

What skills are needed to play basketball?

In this photo, you can see that the player is performing the set shot. She has formed a "backwards letter C" with her shooting arm - that means, her elbow is level to her shoulder and facing toward her target, her fingers are spread out under the basketball and facing behind her and her balance hand is placed beside the basketball for support. This is important in order to create the height, trajectory and back spin of the ball once the player has fully extended her shooting arm towards the target.

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  1. This position is very important because it allows you to get the correct angle for the ball to go into the basket. It also applies height to the ball so that she can throw it as high as the basket, and it also applies it's trajectory. This means that she will have to be facing the basket. You cannot expect to make an accurate shot if you're not facing the basket. This will also apply the backspin which will cause the ball to not spin out of control and to head backwards once hitting the backboard. This will give it a higher chance of heading backwards into the basket once hitting the backboard.

    1. I agree with you that this position is very important because you are facing the net. I also think that with this position you can aim to wherever you want to in an easy and fast way to shoot. Due to the fact that it's a fast way to shoot you might avoid people being able to get up to you. Additionally, you can shoot a high basket over the blockers. All in all, I think that this position is great for shooting.

  2. I too agree with these fellow 7th graders about how great the picture is. It shows a great positioning of the hands and shows the tucking of the elbow which provides more stability and control. Much can be learned from this picture, tis an excellent one

  3. A successful basketball shot is not as easy as it seems, the hand positioning is what makes the difference from a good to a bad throw. The set shot creates direction and stability to your shot in order to go straight to the hoop. The spinning is also crucial, for the ball to create a perfect angle and a more successful shot. I believe that learning the set shot is as important as the layup or even the chest pass.