Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Shout-Out to My Ballers!

Grade 7: Exploring our Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions for Basketball...

Enduring Understanding
  • Players' decisions and actions determine the success of a basketball game
Essential Questions
  • What skills are needed to play basketball?
  • What are players' responsibilities?
  • How can the skills and attitudes learned in basketball be used in other sports and activities?
Over the next week in class, we will look more carefully at the skills involved in playing basketball. Get ready to bring your phone to class and take a photo of one of your classmates performing a specific skill. You will then blog about the photo you have taken.

Your blog post will include the following: 
  1. Your photo
  2. Explanation of the skill that is being practiced - What essential question is your photo connected to and what makes you say that? 
  3. Use the skill name in your title
Remember to label your post using the following labels: PEGrade 7basketballFollow the example and grading rubric provided on our PE Blog.

1 comment:

  1. I think that the players decisions and actions determine the success in a basketball game because there needs to be teamwork. If one person is not working well in a team, then the whole team may fall apart. Not only this, but a player has to be in the right position in the right time, and this is only done if the player is paying attention to the game. Additionally, the team must have a strategy. They must know who is best at what and let that person do what they are good at. Another skill needed for basketball in speed, and reaction time. You need to react fast to where to ball is and other players to be able to pass it or dribble it.