Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fitness for Life

Grade 10: Exploring our Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions for Fitness...

Oi Grade 10's!

Throughout the year, we will reflect back on our enduring understanding and essential questions for fitness:
Enduring Understanding
  • People’s decisions and actions affect their level of fitness, and in turn, influences their health
Essential Questions
  • What is fitness?
  • How can you maintain physical activity for lifelong health?
  • What is our responsibility regarding our fitness and health?

I wonder what actions you are taking to develop and maintain your fitness? 

Review your Personalized Training Program... What steps are you making in order to reach your fitness goals? What PE activities are we currently participating in that contribute to your fitness development? In what ways?


  1. In P.E. we work on different sports that work with different skills. There could be teamwork or strength or flexibility. Some sports work with 1 more that the others. In gymnastics you might work on both strength and flexibility since the skill that you learn require both. In basketball you work on teamwork since you have to learn to communicate effectively with your team. By doing these sports, we are improving in social and fitness areas so that is very important.

  2. Fitness is doing sports and exercising so make sure that your body is healthy and strong. It’s keeping and regular healthy lifestyle.If I were able to do sports, the actions I would take to maintain my fitness would be to create a routine. A lot of times once you tell yourself that you are going to start exercising, the amount of times becomes less and less regular, and eventually you do it once a week and sometimes not at all. Therefore, the most important thing, our responsibility regarding our fitness and health, is to force ourselves to do it regularly, no matter how much you might not want to. Even though you may not feel like it, after you do it you feel so much better and accomplished. Futsal was the current activity being done in PE, and this contributes to heart and muscle endurance (because you need to be constantly running) as well as speed (the faster you run the easier it is to get away from opponents and closer to the goal) and agility (because you need to change direction quickly).