Thursday, January 23, 2014

Can You DIG It?

Grade 7 and 8: Exploring our Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions for Volleyball... 

Enduring Understanding
  • Volleyball requires the application and coordination of skills necessary to contribute collaboratively in achieving a common goal
Essential Questions
  • What is volleyball?
  • What movement skills are needed to play volleyball successfully?
  • What are players' responsibilities?
  • How is organization needed in playing volleyball?
  • How can the skills and attitudes learned in volleyball be used in other sports and activities?

Over the next few weeks in class, we will look more carefully at the skills involved in participating successfully in volleyball. You will have the opportunity to document your progress during this unit, as well as blog about your growth as a player. Use the Volleyball Progression Rubric to help guide your development throughout this unit.

In our first lesson, we will use the thinking routine, Chalk Talk, to uncover our prior knowledge and ideas about volleyball. Using our essential questions to help guide our thinking, consider the following...

I wonder what ideas come to mind when you consider your understanding of volleyball? I wonder what connections you can make to others' responses? I wonder what questions come up as you ponder what others have to say about volleyball? 

Grade 7 Initial Chalk Talk

Grade 8 Initial Chalk Talk


  1. I didn't really know what physical and health literacy were but thought maybe they had something to do with reading health surveys. Now I think that it means understanding how to take care of your body. I believe that physical fitness is knowing how to take care of your body and then doing so.

  2. When I think about my knowledge about volleyball there's not many things that I know. It's a sport I never got to learn about, but overall it's like every other team sport. The players have the same responsibilities, to play fair and to get involved. Also, to involve other players so they all have a chance to play. The most important part in every sport is to have fun even if you don't win.

    1. I agree with your statements about volleyball. You do have to play fair and include other players. I think to be successful in any sport you have to remember these things. I do not know many things about volleyball either but I am willing to learn.

  3. I do not know a lot about volleyball. I know some basic things like setting. I know there is a net and you have to play fair and you have different responsibilities on your team. I know some basic rules as well. I was never very interested in playing volleyball as a sport but I sometimes practice with my mom. I am interested in learning more about it since my mom loves volleyball.

  4. I really liked what we did in this class, I thought it was a great opportunity to do something related to physical education out of class. I learned more about volleyball and skills that I had no idea about.

  5. It is undeniable that volleyball consists of many attributes. To play volleyball we need all these attributes. Even though in some of the images above there were students that responded incorrectly to the question, we still can consider their responses valid for the at least one of the other questions. When I think about each and every word written in these posters, I immediately relate them to sports. Most of them also are essential in our lives… I can't even think of a single sport in which we can't learn something to apply in our lives. After all, the least I can say is that volleyball is a very exemplary sport...

  6. I don't know a lot volleyball. All I really know are the different ways of hitting the ball. What I am interested in is learnnig about the more advanced rules of volleyball.