Friday, February 28, 2014

Ultimate What? BLOGGING!

Grade 6: Blogging about our Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions for Ultimate Frisbee... 

Oi Grade 6!

It's time to synthesize our learning about ultimate frisbee. I wonder how our understanding of the game has changed? 

Step 1: Go back to our first post, Ultimate What? FRISBEE! and review our enduring understanding and essential questions for this unit. In what ways has your thinking shifted? 

Step 2: Use the thinking routineHeadlines, to demonstrate your new thinking of what captures the heart of ultimate frisbee. 

Step 3: Create a blog post that will include:
  1. Your headline as your title
  2. Reflection on at least 3 of the essential questions - use our experiences in PE to help guide your thinking and/or an ultimate frisbee resource (some websites are listed on our PE Blog)
  3. Include at least one image or video to add meaning to your post - remember to cite your image and be aware of images that are copyrightedCite your images according to the following examples:
      • Creative Commons: Image licensed under Creative Commons by "name or username". Link to original source.
      • Public Domain: Image from Public Domain by "name". Link to original source.
  4. Labels: PE, grade level, name of unit

Follow the grading rubric to help you in this process.

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