Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Five-A-Side is Needed to Thrive!

Grade 7: Exploring our Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions for Futsal... 

Oi Grade 7!

Take a look at the video below...what do you think is going on? How could you connect your thinking to our enduring understanding and essential questions for our unit on futsal?

I wonder how could you connect open-mindedness, risk-taking and the essential questions to this video?

Enduring Understanding
  • Being open-minded and taking risks are necessary for player development, and in turn build teamwork and a clearer understanding of the game

Essential Questions
  • What is futsal?
  • What movement skills are needed to play futsal successfully?
  • In what ways is collaboration practiced in futsal?
  • How does open-mindedness and risk-taking contribute to player development?
  • What decisions and actions impact the success of a team?
  • In what ways does futsal develop physical and health literacy?

Review the Descriptors of Achievement and Grades to help guide your development throughout this unit.

Some FACTS about Futsal... (source:
  • The origin of Futsal can be traced back to Montevideo, Uruguay in 1930 
  • The game is played on basket-ball sized courts, both indoors and out without the use of sidewalls
  • FUTSAL is the international term used for the game - FUTbol or FUTebol for “soccer” in Spanish and Portuguese and SALon or SALa, the root word for “room” in French and Spanish

Finishing up our discussion on Futsal... What new thinking has taken place at the end of our unit?

Remember to draw upon our enduring understanding as well as our experiences in PE and/or a futsal-related resource (some websites are listed on our PE Blog) to help guide your thinking.

Use the thinking routineCSI (Color-Symbol-Image), to demonstrate your understanding of our enduring understanding.

Steps to CSI:
  • Choose a COLOR that you feel best represents the enduring understanding
  • Choose a SYMBOL that you feel best represents the enduring understanding - a symbol is something simple, for example one object that represents an idea
  • Choose an IMAGE that you feel best represents the enduring understanding - an image is more complex, like a picture involving great detail
  • For each color, symbol and image write a brief explanation describing its connection to the enduring understanding - What makes you say that?

Create a blog post that will include:
  1. Title 
  2. Your CSI - use the example below to help guide your thinking
  3. Labels: PE, grade level, SLC, learning habits
  4. Include your learning habits self-assessment at the bottom of your CSI - copy and paste it from your motor skills self-assessment into the blog post body
  5. Find your images from creative commons and cite your images according to the example:
      • Creative Commons: Image licensed under Creative Commons by "name or username". Link to original source.



  1. There were a couple goals that showed risk-taking. One example is when a player received a cross and he did a bicycle kick to get the ball into the goal. Also, the players were being open-minded by adjusting to what their teammates did with the ball, and not just standing there. Futsal is a very fast game, so the players need to be on their toes and moving around to get open for a pass.

    1. Great made your thinking visible in a clear and efficient way. Well done!

  2. I think futsal is a very risk-taking sport because in the video, I saw that a goal keeper was participating to score a goal when the ball was on the other side of the court, then all of a sudden the opposite side's goal keeper managed to score a goal because he was not in his position. This is risk-taking because you don't know what will happen in futsal, because the court is very small. Also, the players trusted each other and passed a lot, not trying to do everything by themselves. I think passing is very important in futsal, because it is easier for the opposite side's player to get the ball from you since the court is small.

  3. In my opinion, futsal is a sport that relates a lot with being a risk taker and also being an opened minded person. To begin with, in futsal you have to be a risk taker for mainly one reason. And this is that since futsal is such a fast game where everything happens so fast the players have to take risks in order to score, or try to. In addition, you have to be open minded to be able to be successful in futsal because there is no right or wrong way of scoring, and as we saw in the video, you have to improvise and do what is possible to score.

  4. I think that futsal is a sport were you have to take many risks because you have to cooperate with everyone on your team. The thing I saw the most in the video was that the players had to anticipate what the other teammates were going to do. By having to play as a team, all the players have to be very open-minded about what their team members were going to do next, that way they would be able to score more.

  5. I think that the movement skills needed to play futsal is velocity, control, and accuracy. First, velocity because you have to run a lot to make sure nobody gets the ball from you and you need to run so you can get the ball from other people. Second, control because you need to dribble the ball across the field or court. Third, accuracy because you need to make accurate passes so your team mate can score. Adding, futsal is a sport where you have to be a risk- taker because you have to risk yourself by kicking in order to score. In the video when the guy did a bicycle kick, he risked himself in order to score. Lastly, you have to be open minded when playing futsal because you never know what is going to happen when playing so you always have to be ready and opened so you can kick and score or so somebody can kick to you. For example, in the video people were always trying to be opened so somebody could pass the ball to them.

    1. Great connections Melissa! Continue to take risks and be open-minded in order to further improve your skills, not only in futsal, but also in other areas in your life!

  6. Many people misunderstand the concept of futsal with indoor soccer, however, it is a whole different sport. From being much faster, dynamic and tactical, futsal con even improve your soccer skills. Futsal is played with a smaller ball, less players and also less space. Therefore it is essential for one to move quickly and efficiently in short space to be a successful futsal player. Some of the famous soccer players around the world began with careers in futsal and later took their skills to the field. Other players however, like brazilian Falcão, did not succeed in their soccer career compared to their futsal one.

  7. Risk taking and be open minded are essential for Futsal. The futsal court is small and there is not much space inside the court. This little space that you have in futsal has to be used very wisely. You need to be open minded by passing to all your team makes as fast as you can for all the space that you have to be used fast and efficiently. You can see that all of the successful Futsal teams pass the ball within all there teammates really efficiently to reach there objective, which is to score goals. Another major factor in Futsal is being a risk taker. Many people when playing are insecure and not confident, so they miss various opportunities when they are playing to score. When you have a difficult shot you should at least try to score because there is nothing to lose. An example of being a risk taker in Futsal is Falcão, he take shots from very far away and pulls off many amazing dribbles with his skills. He often succeeds when he takes theses risks in Futsal, this is what makes him the best Futsal player in the world.

  8. To find acts of open-mindedness and risk-taking isn't hard in soccer because futsal is actually sport that requires these traits to collaborate and succeed as a team. For example, in a game situation, open-mindedness is very important because there are different people with different levels in soccer. This will make some people fluent in dribbling and passing, while some others will have difficulties in doing this task. Therefore, when they miss a goal or pass it to the wrong team, there is need to give them support and compliment them. Moreover, calling out their own names to indicate that they are open for passes was good to see because that will actually help the person that has control of the ball. It was also good to see that people were actually spread out during the game widely and being able to use the area wisely was a good strategy because then it would make it easier to pass and see different alternatives for passing.

    Risk-taking can also be noticed easily in a game situation because there are many teammates that don't usually play certain positions (playing back all the time or just playing offense), and it can really be a challenge for them to play different positions, such as offense or goal-keeper. I can also relate myself to that because I am used to playing offense and back, but taking the role of a goal keeper isn't easy because of my fears of blocking soccer balls. However, I reflected on this and realized that I should try new positions and be able to play balanced.