Friday, February 28, 2014

Team Handball... Definitely Worth Blogging More About!

Grade 8: Blogging about our Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions for Team Handball... 

Oi Grade 8!

It's time to synthesize our learning about team handball. I wonder how our understanding of the game has changed? 

Step 1: Go back to our first post, Team Handball... Definitely More Than Hands About It! and review our enduring understanding and essential questions for this unit. In what ways has your thinking shifted? 

Step 2: Use the thinking routineThink-Puzzle-Explore, to demonstrate what new thinking has taken place. 

Step 3: Create a blog post that will include:
  1. Title
  2. Your Think-Puzzle-Explore
  3. Reflection on at least 3 of the essential questions - use our experiences in PE to help guide your thinking and/or a team handball-related resource (some websites are listed on our PE Blog)
  4. Include at least one image or video to add meaning to your post - remember to cite your image and be aware of images that are copyrighted! Cite your images according to the following examples:
      • Creative Commons: Image licensed under Creative Commons by "name or username". Link to original source.
      • Public Domain: Image from Public Domain by "name". Link to original source.
  5. Labels: PE, grade level, name of unit

Follow the grading rubric to help you in this process.

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