Monday, February 17, 2014

Thinking in Volleyball... How Does it Look Like?

Just as there are shifts in players' positions, there are also shifts in players' thinking...

Grade 8 final Chalk Talk about volleyball

Grade 7 and 8 students were asked to go back to their initial volleyball Chalk Talk and make connections to what has already been shared, as well as, add new ideas that demonstrate a change in their thinking. 

Take a look at the new responses from their final volleyball Chalk Talk. In what ways have students' thinking shifted?

Essential Questions for volleyball...

What is volleyball?

What movement skills are needed to play volleyball successfully?

What are players' responsibilities?

How is organization needed in playing volleyball?

How can the skills and attitudes learned in volleyball be used in other sports and activities?

I used to think VOLLEYBALL was .... , but now I think VOLLEYBALL is .... . 

Using their responses to the thinking routine3-2-1 BridgeGrade 7 and 8 students also created a blog post describing their shift in understanding about volleyball.

I wonder, how could you create a blog post that demonstrates your shift in understanding about a topic, concept or idea, either within or outside of the PE setting? What would you do to make your thinking visible in a meaningful and clear way? 

Click on the images below to view students' thinking!

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  1. I completely agree with Martina, the fact that she thinks it is now strategic is something that I have also come to realize. I do not really like volleyball, but I do see why others do and I respect their choice. I agree that volleyball is about teamwork and strategy. I am terrible at strategy, but very good at teamwork, so volleyball is somewhat a challenge for me. If I work harder on my strategy, I might be able to master volleyball soon.