Sunday, March 23, 2014

Redefining Relevance... Redefining THINKING!

AASSA Educators' Conference - São Paulo, Brazil: 
Visible Thinking... What is it?

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This weekend, I had the privilege of presenting at the AASSA Educators' Conference. Participants in my visible thinking workshop were asked to consider what thinking exactly entails:

"When you tell someone you are thinking, what kind of things might actually be going on in your head?"

In order to value thinking, we must unpack what it involves in different teaching and learning situations. In doing so, a culture of thinking is created that not only values individual thinking, but the group's collective thinking as well. By sharing each others' ideas, connections, predictions and perspectives, our thinking is made visible. Greater understanding takes place that drives further inquiry and enables the learner to connect new ideas to his or her learning (Ron Ritchhart)...

Participants engaging in a discussion about thinking

Who am I as a LEARNER...

Using the thinking routineCSI (Color-Symbol-Image), participants were asked to describe themselves as learners and share their thinking with their group. Each participant choose a color, symbol and image unique to their thinking and wrote a brief explanation as to what made them say that. In true collaborative fashion, a culture of thinking was created and reinforced throughout the workshop.

What is THINKING now?

Below are some examples of the shift in thinking that took place during the workshop...

"I used to think that THINKING was a natural extension of unit activities, but I now realize that it is a culture of the classroom with a specific language and built in routines...and I plan to add this important dimension right away!"
- Grade 7 Humanities Teacher, Graded School

"I used to think that cultivating my students' thinking was important, but I wasn't sure what the best ways to go about it might be. Now I think it's even more important than I thought before AND there are tools out there to help make it happen."
- Grade 2 Teacher, Graded School

I wonder, how could visible thinking impact your view as a learner, student, teacher or parent?

For more information on visible thinking, please visit the visible thinking page of this blog.

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  1. Your workshop was a great reminder of how behaviors and learning are influenced by the culture that we create as teachers, both in our classrooms and in the school itself. Visible thinking routines tie directly to a growth mindset, which we need to instill on students, teachers and in the institution itself. Thanks for giving me more tools to use to help promote a culture of thinking at Graded