Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Team Handball..What More to Learn?!

Grade 8: Think-Puzzle-Explore... What is Team Handball?

Enduring Understanding

Essential Questions
  • What is team handball?
  • What movement skills and concepts practiced in team handball are similar in other sports? Which sports?
  • How is collaboration needed in team handball?
  • What decisions and actions impact the success of a game?
  • What are the physical fitness components developed in team handball?
  • In what ways does team handball develop physical and health literacy?

I wonder, what more could you learn about team handball? 

Using the thinking routine, Think-Puzzle-Explore, Grade 8 students drew upon our enduring understanding in order activate prior knowledge, generate ideas and inquire deeper into team handball.
  1. What do you think about team handball?
  2. What questions or puzzles do you have about team handball?
  3. What does the sport of team handball make you want to explore?
Click on the following images to view some students' thinking. Their blog post includes the thinking routine, Think-Puzzle-Explore as well as their reflection on three of the essential questions...





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  1. What decisions and actions impact the success of a game?
    I believe that the main decisions are regarding strategy and taking risks. Rather a player decides to dribble or pass, attack or defend and so on. The other thing is the way that the whole team chooses to position itself to work together in order for the game to work.
    Using handball as an example, I can see that the actions of one single player can completely alter the end results. If one person chooses to run with the ball and try their luck, it can either succeed or not, affecting the final score of the game. If they choose to work together or not.also impacts to turn out of the game because collaboration is completely key to having a successful game.
    Strategy is regarding the positioning of each player in accordance to their best abilities, or the way that the team will play the game. If they know that their opponent´s defense is strong, they will change their strategy to specifically target that area and watch out for the other team´s strengths. This also applies to internal use of their best players.