Monday, May 5, 2014

Game, Set and Match!

Grade 8: Exploring our Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions for Tennis... 

Oi Grade 8!

Take a look at the videos below. How could you connect your thinking to our enduring understanding and essential questions for our unit on tennis?

Enduring Understanding
  • Risk-taking and critical thinking are necessary for player development, and in turn build confidence and a clearer understanding of tennis

Essential Questions
  • What is tennis?
  • What movement skills and concepts are practiced in tennis? How are they similar to other sports? Which ones?
  • In what ways is critical thinking developed in tennis?
  • How does risk-taking contribute to player development?
  • What decisions and actions impact the success of an individual or doubles team?
  • In what ways does tennis develop physical and health literacy?

Use the Tennis Progression Rubric to help guide your development throughout this unit.

Some FACTS about Tennis... (wikipedia)
  • The object of the game is to play the ball such that your opponent is not able to play a good return
  • The modern game of tennis originated in Birmingham, England in the late 19th century and was known as "lawn tennis"
  • Tennis is played by millions of recreational players, including wheelchair users
  • A recent addition to professional tennis has been the adoption of electronic review technology coupled with a point challenge system, which allows a player to contest the line call of a point
  • There are four Grand Slam tournaments that are also referred to as the "Majors": the Australian Open (hard courts), the French Open (red clay courts), Wimbledon (grass courts) and the US Open (hard courts)

Take a look at the tennis instructional videos below. Consider the following... How could you connect our enduring understanding and essential questions to what you see?

ESPN Sport Science: Tennis Surfaces

Finishing up our discussion on tennis... What new thinking has taken place at the end of our unit?

Use the thinking routineHeadlines, to demonstrate your new thinking of what captures the heart of tennis and create a blog post that includes:
  1. Your headline as your title
  2. Synthesize your understanding of how our enduring understanding is connected to physical and health literacy - draw upon the essential questions, our experiences in PE, the tennis instructional videos and/or a tennis-related resource (some websites are listed on our PE Blog) to help guide your thinking
  3. Include at least one image or video to add meaning to your post - remember to cite your visuals and be aware of visuals that are copyrightedCite your images according to the following examples:
      • Creative Commons: Image licensed under Creative Commons by "name or username". Link to original source.
      • Public Domain: Image from Public Domain by "name". Link to original source.
  4. Labels: PE, grade level, name of unit

Follow the grading rubric to help you in this process


  1. Tennis is an individual or partnered sport where the aim is to rally the ball and then make your opponent lose it. The movement and concepts that tennis uses is very similar to the serve in volleyball, while the strokes are similar to softball. The serve uses the same motion as the serve in volleyball, while the bat in softball is also similar to the swing in tennis, except the swing in tennis uses a more perpendicular hold on the racket. Critical thinking is developed in tennis, because it allows you to think about where you need to hit the ball in order to win a point, and how you will hit it. The sport requires you to need good reaction time in order to hit the ball at the right time and can help your reaction time improve. Risk taking is key to good player development, because good players need to think critically and then make the best decision at the best time.

  2. What is tennis?

    For me, tennis is not only a sport, but it is a way to develope someones physical and mental skills many ways. Tennis is a sport where concentration is needed, and also pratice, to perfect your skills. The sport uses materials such as a racket, a small, although heavier ball, and a net. The objective of the game is to see witch player scores the most balls on the apponents side.

    What movement skills and concepts are practiced in tennis? How are they similar to other sports? Which ones?

    As we experienced in class after a rain that did not allow us to use the tennis courts, we related tennis to ping pong, where we used similar and different skills. I believe tennis is a sport where a lot of concentration is needed, and focus on your ball and hits.

  3. Tennis is a sport, either individual or partnered, that involves a racket, a ball, and a net. The objective of the game is to score the most points against the opponent, and end up winning the game. It is played on a court, typically called a tennis court, that involves the hitting of the ball over the net. There are many rules that are enforced in Tennis dealing with when to hit the ball, how to hit the ball, and where you can hit the ball. Tennis is such a popular sport that it is even an Olympic sport and it can be played by anyone who can hold a racquet!

  4. What is tennis?
    Tennis is a sport that involves many skills physically and mentally. In tennis, you have to pass the ball from one side to another trying to score a point, which means that the ball fell in the other teams court without the other team catching it. You can play team matches or one on one. If you are playing in a team you need communication and team work. In tennis you have to be able to have a good aiming and be able to get the ball to hit your racket. For that, you need to have control of the ball. Additionally, you have to think fast and have immediate reaction. Overall, I think tennis requires different skills and has some skills that are very similar to other sports just like team work.

  5. What is tennis?
    Tennis is a sport that involves much skills. It is played on a court. You play against an opponent or with a partner against two opponents. To play tennis it involves physical and mental skills. You must have a lot of endurance in order to run around the tennis court. To play tennis you have to have concentration and never keep your eyes off the ball. To play tennis you have three fundamental striking moves. The serve, the forehand swing and the backhand swing.

    2.What movement skills and concepts are practiced in tennis? How are they similar to any other sports? Which one?
    As I have mentioned before the three fundamental tennis moves are forehand swing, backhand swing and the serves. When it comes to movement skills you need a lot of agility to move from one side of the court to the other. You also need coordination to visualize the ball and what direction it is going in. To me tennis relates a lot to badminton, in the sense that you use a racket and that there is a net and that you can play against one person or against two.

    3.Critical thinking is developed in tennis because to play you need to think. you need to see what the opponent is going to do, and also think about how your gong to swing the ball in order for the other opponent not to catch it. I also think that concentration, as I have mentioned before, is also a part of critical thinking. If you are not 100% concentrated on the game you can miss a ball so easily making the opponent to score a point.

  6. What decisions and actions impact the success of an individual or doubles team?
    I think that having success takes practice and working as a team in order to reach your goals. And I also think that when your in doubles, that you really need to depend on each other, and use a lot of communication and risk taking in order to have a more successful match.

  7. How does risk-taking contribute to player development? To be a risk taker in tennis, each person needs to participate in order to have a more successful match, and also you need to get involved in the game of tennis, more than you would for other sports. Like for example, you could run up and get the ball if it went onto your side of the court instead of having your partner go get it for you. And you also have to have good communication. In gaming situations, teamwork is crucial for acheiving the success of your tennis match. And also each person on each team's decisions effects the whole rest of the team. You need to maintain force, control and positioning. Between two different groups, that are in a game situation. The difference between them is that not all of them are as involved as the other team. And another one is that they seem to have good control and force over the ball.