Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tumbling into Action!

Grade 6: Exploring our Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions for Gymnastics... 

Oi Grade 6!

In our next activity unit for PE, you will have the opportunity to explore, practice and analyze the skills necessary to develop body and spatial awareness, movement control and collaboration among group members. 

In small groups, you will create a gymnastics sequence that includes specific body control and movement skills, smooth transitions and follows appropriate safety measures. 

Collaboration is essential for individual and group growth to take place, especially when faced with the challenges associated with planning a group performance. I wonder, in what ways could the learning habits and personal and social behaviour impact individual and group participation and growth?

Consider the following enduring understanding and essential questions for our unit on gymnasticsHow could you connect your participation in various movement stations to the enduring understanding and essential questions?

Enduring Understanding
  • A gymnastics sequence requires innovation, risk-taking and application of the skills needed to develop body and spatial awareness, movement control and collaboration among group members

Essential Questions
  • What movement skills and concepts are practiced in gymnastics?
  • In what ways is innovation and risk-taking necessary in gymnastics?
  • What decisions and actions impact the success of a group?
  • In what ways does gymnastics develop physical and health literacy?
  • As early as 2600 BCE kung fu or medical gymnastics was practiced in China to combine movement and breathing to help organs function
  • Prior to the 20th century all physical education was called gymnastics; in ancient Greece physicians used gymnastics to improve health
  • German and Swedish gymnastics were developed for military training and were imported to the US
  • Cirque du Soleil entertains audiences with creative gymnastic skills
  • Gymnastics is a part of skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing
  • Parkour movements are gymnastic in nature

Check out the following what ways are the movements you see similar?

Improving Individual and Group Performance

Watch the following videos to help improve individual and group performance of specific movement skills. How could you use and/or modify these skills in your group's gymnastics sequence? What safety measures are being followed in each of the videos?

Partner and Group Challenges... Innovation requires risk-taking!

Take a look at the following balances and pyramids. What steps are needed to perform these skills successfully with your partner or group? How could you use and/or modify these skills in a gymnastics sequence? What safety measures should be followed when performing these moves?

Grade 6 Tumbles into ACTION!

Take a look at last year's gymnastics sequences presentations. I wonder, how could your group's presentation look like?

 Juan Pablo, Mikel, Misha, Peter, Jack and Diego

 Rafa, Pedro, Matheus, Caiuà and Christophe

 Karin, Fiona, Brenna, Clara and Anna

 Jessica C, Jessica S, Noah, Amanda, Jacque and Gabi


  1. Many people consider gymnastics a healthy style of life, but after watching the parkour video I wonder if it is, indeed, a health style of life. All of the jumps that gymnasts do may be very harmful and dangerous for their joints. A lot of researchers have been written about if a great amount of sports are healthy, and they proved in their researches that when a sports demands too much from the human body, it may be unhealthy, rather than be healthy. So if you are practicing a great amount of sport and demanding too much from your body you should take into consideration if that is being healthy for you, maybe even go to a doctor.

  2. I think that gymnastics is a really cool sport because people can move their bodies and become really flexible. I didn't know much about gymnastics before but after watching this I think it takes a lot of flexibility, practice and strength to be able to do all of these movements that these athletes do. Even the simplest things need balance, which some people have to work for to get while others are more balanced. I think it is very important for people who practice or are starting to practice this sport to have a trainer or a guide to help them not exceed what their body can take. It could be too much strength or flexibility they might need and they need to know it won't come quickly, but with the right practice it will

    1. As in any physical activity, knowing and practicing the proper technique is important to avoid injury. Gymnastics is a sport that demands a lot from your body; thus, developing the physical fitness components is crucial in order to succeed and most importantly, not risk injury.

  3. As a kid I did gymnastics, and it really did help me be as flexible as I am today. That's primarily because it's core is within flexibility and strength from within. After watching the videos, the moves that were made seemed impossible, but once I looked closer I realized it mostly had to do with strength to be able to hold yourself and flexibility, much like yoga!

    1. Very true Matias. Yoga and gymnastics have a lot in common...strength and flexibility are crucial elements in both disciplines. Did you have a gymnastics unit in PE? I'll be posting the videos of my Grade 6's gymnastics sequences on my PE shortly! Check them out!

  4. Why is Gymnastics Important?
    What gymnastics means to me is the use of the flexibility and control of your body combined in one sport. I think that gymnastics is essential for our health because if we can't bend over (something that requires very little flexibility) to get something we left fall on the floor we won't be in healthy conditions to do basic thing that require body "strength". While doing gymnastics we must always keep in mind our safety so no one gets hurt.

  5. Gymnastics The Sport coming to graded.
    Earlier in my life I have done gymnastics at a only gymnastic school and I learn many big things but, this year I have leaned a kind of yoga gymnastic and I think that I learned a lot through the course of this course and I think I really learned the most I could learn. I think the back words roll and the front rolls were the coolest things we did. I think the cartwheel was the hardest to do because I didn't know how to do it at first. Overall this project was really cool and I think my group was really good but I think that Fiona,Clara,Brenna,Karin, and Anna's was the best because it involved everything we learned and it was very synchronised.

  6. What is gymnastics?
    Gymnastics is a type of sport that you flex your body and stretch

    What movement skills and concepts are practiced in gymnastics?
    Flips, Jumps, Cartwheels

    In what ways is innovation and risk-taking necessary in gymnastics?
    Try new stuff and risk new things

    How is collaboration needed when working in groups to create a gymnastics sequence?
    To make a bridge they need to collaborate.

    What decisions and actions impact the success of a group?
    If someone doesn't collaborate the whole bridge can fall and the group can fail

    What are the physical fitness components developed in gymnastics?
    Stretch and Jumping

    In what ways does gymnastics develop physical and health literacy?
    It helps people have more control in breathing

  7. Gymnastics is a way to exercise and stretch the body and it is really cool because parkour a awesome sport. Gymnastics seems impossible without practice and stretching, but practice makes it perfect. You always need to remember to stretch.

  8. I think that gymnastics is mostly about safety because if you are not safe while doing a flip or while doing a cartwheel you could get seriously hurt. Before I used to think that gymnastics was just jumping and doing a bunch of flips. Now I know that it has a lot to do with teamwork and a lot of other important factors.

    Gymnastics is a sport in which you need a lot of flexibility and safety.

  9. How is collaboration needed when working in groups to create a gymnastics sequence?
    Collaboration is needed in group works to create a gymnastic sequence because if you are doing a project and you need to do a bridge or a pyramid you need to collaborate with the group and choose all roles for all the people while doing this sequence.

  10. Gymnastics is related to balance and flexibility, so then we can transfer that not only to our bodies but to ourselves.

  11. Gymnastics = What?
    Gymnastics is a sport that needs very little equipment. The one thing that it does need is a body. If you are able to endure and understand gymnastics, you will not only be able to burn more calories, you can turn your body more sport suitable. Gymnastics stretches your body, meaning that it can make it more flexible. If your body is more flexible, you will be able to stretch properly, meaning that when you play, you might not get hurt.


  12. Gymnastics is the art of moving your body in and artistic way. It involves flexibility and allongation. It involves intovation because you have to think of and unique routine that nobody else has thought of. It involves colaboration because your team mates trust you to do your routine correctly.

  13. This unit in PHE we are doing gymnastics, in my opinion gymnastics is a fun way to exercise and stretch. With some basic gymnastic skills you can do many other sports such as parkour. First gymanstics seems very challenging, but with practice it can be easier to make it perfect.

  14. Gymnastics, fun sport!

    Gymnastics is a sport that requires people to be flexible. Gymnastics first impression is that it is really hard and difficult to do stunts, but when you do it and if you practice it is easy.

  15. Headline: Gymnastics, a sport that humans must practice each day to stay healthy and physical...

    Gymnastics is a sport full of skills. For this sport you need a lot of safety, flexibility... During PE, gymnastics is a sport that in my opinion, is something that we should practice each day. For example, I learned how to do a correct cart wheel and other new movements skills. But something that is needed and also related to physical and health literacy is flexibility. For example, before I only did after school activities of tennis and swimming two days a week, but when we started working on flexibility during PE, the first day was very tiring because we had to stretch a lot which is basically flexibility. Since I knew that I should actually stretch before playing sports, I decided to do another after school activity where I practice my flexibility around all my body. This PE unit helped me to try to stretch each day and not only play sports that aren't like gymnastics. With this, I now thought that gymnastics is an example of a sport to help us humans stay healthy and physical because it makes us force our whole body to exercise which is good. It's just like yoga! But.. During gymnastics, we must always have safety because when you are doing something like a pyramid or cart wheel, it is important to stay safe because if you fall on a wrong spot like your neck, you risk your own life. Gymnastics is everything!

    Enduring Understanding:
    A gymnastics sequence requires innovation, risk-taking and application of skills and concepts necessary to develop body and spatial awareness, movement control and collaboration among group members

  16. Gymnastics is a sport that you use in your everyday routine. I learned that what ever strench you make you are doing a gymnastic. Gymnastic seems to be really impossible when you see those people doing a bunch of thing. Well actually when you do it, practice it does not seems impossible any more. Gymnastic is something that you always need because when you stretch you are doing gymnastic.

  17. Gymnastics, not only a sport, but a passion.
    During this weeks, our class has been learning gymnastic things. ng this weeks, our class has been learning gymnastic things. We learned how to do cartwheels, pyramids, forward rolls, and a lot more. Gymnastics is not an easy sport, in order to be able to do it, you have to be flexible and a risk taker. Also, if you are working in a group, you have to help them so you can do things like pyramids. When you do pyramids, everyone has to collaborate. If one person moves, all the pyramid destroys. Also, you have to be a risk taker because if you are scared of doing something, you are not doing to be able to do anything. Last, gymnastics is important for your physical and health literacy because it keeps your body healthy by stretching out your muscles and it also keeps you strong.

  18. The worldwide sport, gymnastics.
    Gymnastic is a sport where you always need to keep your legs straight. I think gymnastics is a very fun sport and a good way to exercise. Gymnastic is not a hard sport, but you need skills so you can do it. I also had a lot of fun while doing the routine, I thing it was a very good way to learn more skills and gymnastics. I think our sequence was good by we did some mistakes, if we did this again I would just practice the sequence more so it stays perfect.

  19. Gymnastics the sport we mostly enjoy!

    Gymnastics is a sport that at times can be very difficult but at other times can be very fun to do. I really enjoy doing gymnastics. It requires a lot of flexibility and energy. At times you have to be careful so that you don't get hurt. I really liked the gymnastics unit.

  20. You need to be innovative when doing gymnastics because you need to make the moves look different than everyone else. You also need to make your routine creatively and look good. You need to be a risk-taker because you need to take risks and try different things or you wont learn any good moves. You need to try something.
    How is collaboration needed when working in groups to create a gymnastics sequence?
    You need to work together to finish your routine. Teamwork is very important in gymnastics especially if you are doing a pyramid when everybody needs to be able to support each other. If someone doesn't do it correctly somebody could get hurt.
    If someone decides to change part of a routine and the other people dont know that they are going to do something different somebody could get hurt and the routine could get totally ruined.

  21. Gymnastics IS a sport!

    Gymnastics is an activity where you stretch and move your muscles in new ways. Gymnastics can be very dangerous if you don't have the right protection. For example, if you are doing a pyramid and you land on your back, you could be seriously injured. That is why you always practice with other people so they can spot you. You collaborate with them. Also, when you are doing gymnastics, you are a risk taker because you could hurt yourself at any time, but you still take that risk and try to find out what skills you have in flexibility. Flexibility is a big part of gymnastics. You always need to stretch before doing a routine because if you don't, you could hurt yourself.
    When we first started this unit, I walked into class in a bad mood because I didn't like gymnastics because I wasn't good at it. By the 2nd class, I was already more flexible and I was starting to enjoy class because I could actually do some of the things. From that day on, I walked into class with a positive mood and that positive attitude innovated me to be even better. Now, I love gymnastics and I hope to continue it.
    I think gymnastics is made up of many qualities:
    Positive Attitude
    Risk taking

    If you try to put these qualities into you gymnastics routine, you might just find out that you enjoy it.

  22. Gymnastics puts your body to the test. Gymnastics is a way to balance the strength and gracefulness that one should have. To do so you must collaborate as a team in order to succeed. For it only takes one the mess up for the whole team to mess up. No one should be pushed to do something they can't. I helped one of my friends learn to love gymnastics. She didn't take long to realize that a positive attitude can make all the difference, and I think she kind of inspired everyone to do better.Collaboration is essential to the success of the team. It pursues the fact that no one should be forced or pressured into doing soemthing they can't.

  23. Gymnastics is in no means an easy sport. Yes at times it just involves the basic steps but the more you do it and put hard effort it becomes a big challenge. Although I had a broken leg and was not able to do the sport I still watched the videos and observed my fellow classmates and from what I saw I found out how the sport works. I saw lots of groups doing it perfectly except for one person that maybe messed up and made a bad image for the whole groupe. Things that are required is that the people need groupe work, flexibility and lots of strength.