Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grade 6 Health

Health... What is it?

Oi Grade 6!

I wonder, what does being healthy mean to you? How can you motivate others to make healthy choices in their lives? Throughout our journey into health and wellness, taking risks and being open-minded are fundamental in order to develop our understanding of health literacy.

Quests into Health

Each class we will participate in different learning experiences, or "quests", that will help further our understanding of the following enduring understanding and essential questions:

Enduring Understanding
  • Health is a complex system with many moving parts and every choice we make impacts our physical, mental and emotional well-being

Essential Questions
  • What are health benefits from physical activity?
  • How do our choices affect our health and safety?
  • What skills are needed to create and maintain healthy relationships?

The following health strands will be covered and assessed throughout this unit:

Health Benefits from Physical Activity
Students will understand, experience and appreciate the health related fitness benefits that result from physical activity.

Benchmarks: Functional Fitness, Body Image, Well-Being
Personal Wellness Choices
Students will make responsible and informed choices to maintain health and to promote safety for self and others

Benchmarks: Personal Health, Safety and Responsibility
Relationship Choices
Students will develop effective interpersonal skills that demonstrate responsibility, respect and caring in order to establish and maintain healthy interactions

Benchmarks: Understanding and Expressing Feelings, Interactions, Group Roles and Processes

Unpacking our Enduring Understanding for Health

Consider the following questions: What does being healthy mean to you? How can you motivate others to make healthy choices in their lives? 

I wonder, what connections could you make to our enduring understanding for health? What makes you say that?

Create a blog post using the thinking routineCSI (Color-Symbol-Image), to demonstrate your understanding of our enduring understanding for health. Follow the grading rubric to help guide you in this process.

Steps to CSI:
  • Choose a COLOR that you feel best represents our enduring understanding
  • Choose a SYMBOL that you feel best represents our enduring understanding - a symbol is something simple, for example one object that represents an idea
  • Choose an IMAGE that you feel best represents our enduring understanding - an image is more complex, like a picture involving great detail
  • For each color, symbol and image write a brief explanation describing its connection to our enduring understanding - What makes you say that?

Your blog post will include:
  1. Title 
  2. Your CSI - use the example below to help guide your thinking
  3. Labels: Health, Grade 6
  4. Find your images from creative commons and cite your images according to the example:
      • Creative Commons: Image licensed under Creative Commons by "name or username". Link to original source.

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