Sunday, August 3, 2014

Welcome to PE and Health 2014-2015!

Physical and Health Literacy for Life!

Oi Gente!

Welcome to another year in PE at Graded! New and exciting developments are happening within the PE and health setting. Our facilities are under construction in order to provide an optimal environment of PE and health. With this in mind, please be open-minded and flexible as our classes will be impacted by this building project. 

Also, along with the change to the physical environment of PE and health, our curriculum, including grading and reporting practices, is undergoing change as well. The new curriculum will provide us with a variety of learning experiences to enhance our growth within the physical and health education setting, thus developing our understanding of what it means to be physical and health literate for life!

Watch the following videos to learn more about physical and health literacy...

Developing a Growth Mindset in PE and Health

This blog will help serve our growth within PE and health by providing useful tools and resources to improve our knowledge of physical and health literacy. We will work collaboratively to reach our goals, both as individuals and as a group, making our thinking visible and developing the appropriate mindset so that growth in all areas of our learning is achieved. 

I wonder, what lessons in developing a growth mindset could you learn from Brandon Todd?

Growth in Physical and Health Education

Take a moment to read our PE and Health Mission Statement and consider the following:

I wonder, what words hold the most value to you and what makes you say that? In what ways is the PE and Health Mission Statement connected to physical and health literacy? 

Mission Statement
The Physical and Health Education Program makes a significant and unique contribution to our international community of learners by delivering a curriculum that fosters the physical, social and emotional growth of the whole-child. It encourages students to develop the Graded Core Values by providing opportunities that promote physical and health literacy. A physical and health educated student will:
  • Acquire skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities
  • Understand, experience and appreciate the health benefits that result from physical activity
  • Interact positively and collaboratively with others
  • Make responsible decisions that lead to an active and healthy way of life

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