Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grade 6 Health... Revisited

Health... What is it now?

Oi Grade 6!

Now that we've come to the end of our unit on health, I wonder... 
  • What does being healthy now mean to you? 
  • How can now you motivate others to make healthy choices in their lives? 
  • How are taking risks and being open-minded fundamental in developing our understanding of health literacy.

Revisiting our Enduring Understanding for Health

I wonder, what other connections could you make to our enduring understanding for health? What makes you say that? 

Enduring Understanding
  • Health is a complex system with many moving parts and every choice we make impacts our physical, mental and emotional well-being

Revisit your initial CSI (Color-Symbol-Image) blog post and create a new CSI to demonstrate your new understanding of our enduring understanding for health. 

Review all the different learning experiences you have participated in during our health unit - the different quests, your blog posts, nutrition and sleep completed documents - and synthesize your understanding in your new CSI. How could you put together all the information you have learned and connect it in a clear and meaningful way to your new CSI?

Be creative! You may present your CSI in a format of your choice.

Follow the grading rubric shared in our folder for Health to help guide you in this process. 

Steps to CSI:
  • Choose a COLOR that you feel best represents our enduring understanding and what makes you say that?
  • Choose a SYMBOL that you feel best represents our enduring understanding and what makes you say that? A symbol is something simple, for example one object that represents an idea.
  • Choose an IMAGE that you feel best represents our enduring understanding and what makes you say that? An image is more complex, like a picture involving great detail.

Your new blog post will include:
  • Title 
  • Your new CSI 
  • Labels: Health, Grade 6
  • Find your images from creative commons and cite your images according to the example:
      • Image licensed under Creative Commons by "name or username". Link to original source.
  • Answer the following question at the bottom of your post:
    • Based on your participation during this unit, assess yourself on each of the following learning habits and what makes you say that for each one: responsiblecuriousinclusiverisk-taker/perseverance
    • Use the following rubric to help guide your learning habits self-assessment

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