Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Health and Balance... The Yoga Approach!

This is Your Brain on Yoga...

Oi Gente!

I wonder, how does your brain look like on yoga? According to sophisticated brain imaging technologies, yoga and meditation can literally change your brain.
Image from Public Domain by "Adrigu". Link.

Yoga can take many forms, each with a different purpose. However, what connects the different yoga practices is their focus on learning poses, called asanas

With respect to the brain, the cerebellum plays a crucial role in motor control. The cerebellum contributes to coordination, movement, balance and timing. Therefore, being able to perform asanas would be virtually impossible without it.

The Health Benefits of Yoga

What are some of the health benefits of practicing yoga? Thinking about the different muscle groups and physical fitness components we have been strengthening in class, I wonder, in what ways could yoga help develop your muscles and fitness?

Muscle Groups
  • Legs
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Abdominals
  • Back
  • Chest
Physical Fitness Components
  • Muscular Endurance - ability sustain or repeat series of muscular contractions without tiring
  • Muscular Strength - ability to carry out work against a resistance
  • Power - ability to produce explosive force
  • Speed - ability to move the body rapidly
  • Agility - ability to quickly change body position
  • Flexibility - range of motion of body parts (important for execution of techniques in sports)
  • Balance and Coordination - ability to stay in control of body movement
  • Cardiovascular Endurance (aerobic fitness) - ability to sustain physical activity continuously

Making Connections

In class, you will have the opportunity to practice different asanas with our special guest, Ms. Hunt. As you participate in this physical learning experience, what connections could you make to our enduring understanding and essential questions for our unit on fitness?

Enduring Understanding
  • People’s decisions and actions affect their level of fitness, and in turn, impacts their health

Essential Questions
  • What is fitness?
  • How can you maintain physical activity for lifelong health?
  • What is our responsibility regarding our fitness and health?

Target Heart Rate... Informing our fitness development

You will take your RHR and HR after yoga. Be sure to record it on your heart rate record sheet. Consider the following questions:
  • What target heart rate zone(s) were you in during today's yoga class? (Enter your target heart rate zone(s) in the comment section of your target heart rate record sheet)
  • How could you use this information to help achieve your fitness SMART goals?

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