Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quest 1 - The Power to Choose


Oi Grade 6!

Today we will embark on our first quest... The Power to Choose. I wonder, when you think about freedom and responsibility, what kind of things are going on in your head?

Every day we are faced with choices, and each choice we make has a different outcome. When we make personal or group choices, our actions have the ability to bring ourselves and others up, or just as equally, down. 

As we watch the following video, what do you see-think-wonder? Use the following guiding questions to help guide your observations:

Guiding questions...
  • How do values and beliefs affect our choices?
  • How does personal behaviour impact our actions and those of others?
  • What skills are needed to help make responsible decisions?

Making our Thinking Visible

Take a look at our collective see-think-wonder. How could our observations help us uncover how having more freedom means becoming more responsible?

Decisions and Consequences... You have the power to choose!

Grade 6 defines what is a good decision and its consequences

What is a good decision?

A good decision is when you have carefully considered the outcome of each choice - a good decision a responsible decision

How could examples of good decisions be connected to our Graded Core Values? What core values come to mind, when making a good decision?

Your decisions have consequences...

A consequence is the result of a decision - consequences of our decisions not only affect you, but also affect people around you...

What are examples of the following types of consequences?
  • Positive consequences
  • Negative consequences
  • Neutral consequences

Making Connections

I wonder, from our learning experiences so far, what connections could you make to our enduring understanding and the following essential question:

Enduring Understanding
  • Health is a complex system with many moving parts and every choice we make impacts our physical, mental and emotional well-being

Essential Question
  • How do our choices affect our health and safety?

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