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Quest 4 - You Are What You Eat!

Nutrition and Your Health...

Oi Grade 6!

Choosing what to each can have a great influence on our overall health. We eat to stay alive! Food contains substances that our bodies need to stay healthy. As we learn more about nutrition, consider the following guiding questions. I wonder, how does the power to choose affect our food choices?

Guiding questions...
  • What is nutrition?
  • What are nutrients?
  • How should we balance our diet?
  • How does our food choices affect our performance in physical activity?

Nutrition and our Health
  • What we eat affects many of the things we do everyday
  • The substances in food give us the energy we need to learn, study, play and do things with our family and friends
  • Practicing good nutrition means choosing to eat foods that are good for us and eating them in the right amounts - I wonder, what could be some consequences of eating too little or too much food?

What can Tim and Moby teach us about nutrition and health? 

What do you see-think-wonder about nutrition and health?

A cautionary note about body type...

After watching the BrainPop about body weight, I wonder, what is going on in your head when you think about body type? 

Be careful not to classify bodies based upon their outside appearances. Our body type is not purely based on what we were born with. There are other external factors that could also influence the shape of our bodies as well - I wonder, what could some of those factors be?

What does diet have to do with our food choices?

What comes to mind when you think about the word diet? What does diet actually mean? 
  • Diet is a pattern of eating - it includes what you eat, how much you eat and how often you eat
  • Therefore, adopting a healthy pattern of eating will influence our health in positive ways
  • Your pattern of eating is affected by your food choices - I wonder, what could influence both your pattern of eating and your food choices?

Food and Feelings

How do you know when you need to eat? Your body tells you! Feeling hungry is how your body communicates that it needs more food to energy. However, some people eat even when they are not hungry.

Our feelings can affect how and what we choose to eat. I wonder, how do your feelings influence what you eat? Consider the following feelings...
  • sad or upset
  • happy
  • nervous
  • stressed

What kinds of food do you choose to eat when you are feeling a certain way? What makes you say that? In what ways could this behaviour be unhealthy?

If we can understand what feelings affect our food choices, we can avoid eating unhealthy foods and when we know we are not hungry.

How our bodies use food

Our bodies break down the food we eat for energy into a form that our bodies can use - this process is called digestion.

Imaged licensed under Creative Commons by "Blausen gallery 2014". Link.

What can Tim and Moby teach us about how our bodies use the food we eat?

What do you see-think-wonder about digestion?

The Essential Nutrients
  • The nutrients in food help our bodies function properly
  • Most of the nutrients that our bodies needs comes from the food we eat - these are called essential nutrients
  • Eating a variety of foods is important to get all the nutrients
  • Each of the essential nutrients play an important role in our bodies
    • Carbohydrates (grains), fats (oils) and proteins are direct sources of energy
    • Vitamins and minerals control many of our body functions and help our bodies use the energy from other nutrients
    • Our bodies use water to control our body temperature and transports other nutrients throughout our bodies

Eating Guidelines... Balancing what you eat
  • Tools have been developed by nutrition scientists and public health agencies to help us make good choices about the food we eat
  • These guidelines tell us what to eat and how much to eat each day and helps us avoid making unhealthy food choices
  • Take a look at the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) MyPlate website (click on the image below) and answer the following questions on the document shared in our folder for Health:
    • What are the 5 food groups?
    • What is in each food group? Include at least 5 food examples.
    • How much is needed for each food group?
    • What are some health benefits of each food group? Include at least two health benefits.
    • What are some tips to help you eat each of the food groups? Include at least two tips.

What do see-think-wonder about this image?

Balancing what you eat... Three meals a day!

Ideally, each meal needs all food groups, but in reality, we don't eat some food groups at certain meals - I wonder, what could you do to make sure you compensate for a lost portion in your next meal?

Making Connections

I wonder, from our learning experiences so far, what connections could you make to our enduring understanding and the following essential questions:

Enduring Understanding
  • Health is a complex system with many moving parts and every choice we make impacts our physical, mental and emotional well-being

Essential Question
  • How do our choices affect our health and safety?

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