Friday, October 3, 2014

Team Handball Blog Post Example

Headline - create your own headline that synthesizes the important elements of team handball

Can An Active Participation Affect Your Leaning In Handball?

Artifact - take screen shots of your motor skills self-assessment

Reflection on the following questions - copy and paste from your motor skills self-assessment into the blog post body
  1. What evidence could you provide that supports your self-assessment? 
Some of the evidence that I have to prove my choices in grade is the way I decide how to act in certain situations. In my opinion, the kinds of motor skills one has depends on the way one acts when challenges appear in their way. In detail, most of my grades are mostly 4s and 5s because I thought that I could totally push myself further to do better in PE. Most importantly, I need to push myself to participate in all types of ways. I need to participate verbally and physically. Most of the times, I don't actually do my best in terms of physical activities. As a result, I demonstrate adequate improvement; however, I would need to do not only better, but to do the best I could.

  1. Based on your participation during this unit, assess yourself on each of the following learning habits (1-poor, 2-adequate, 3-good, 4-excellent) - responsible, curious, inclusive, risk-taker/perseverance -  what makes you say that for each one?

During this PE unit, I mostly represented the learning habit curious. I represented curious because I tried participating with new people in terms of passing in handball. Most of the times, my friends are in my group; however, not always its possible for me to be with whomever I want. Since most of my groups included people I didn't interact with before, I tried to be inclusive and see how they would act during game situations. Further, the thing that most impresses me about my new groups is that I found out personalities that I haven't seen before. Some people seemed more of leaders and great decision takers, taking me to think that if I get more curious in the future, it can lead me to a great knowledge within meeting people and participating more.  

I highlighted a 5 because I don't push myself enough to do the best I can, yet I do demonstrate mastery while doing our activities.

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