Sunday, February 1, 2015

Flag Football... Fast, Fierce and Attitude

Grade 8: Exploring our Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions for Flag Football... 

Oi Grade 8!

Take a look at the following videos. How could you connect your thinking to our enduring understanding and essential questions for our invasion unit on flag football?

IFAF 2012 Men's Flag Football World Championship

Reflex Football League Highlights

AAU Women's Flag Football National Championship

2014 Flag Football Fundamental Coaching Drills

Enduring Understanding
  • Flag football develops the skills and attitudes to be successful both on and off the playing field

Essential Questions
  • What is flag football?
  • What movement skills and concepts practiced in invasion activities transfer into flag football?
  • How is leadership, fair-play, teamwork and communication used in flag football? How could these skills be applied outside of the PE setting?
  • What are the physical fitness components developed in flag football?
  • In what ways does flag football develop physical and health literacy?

Review the Descriptors of Achievement and Grades to help guide your development throughout this unit. Please note assessment rubrics for this unit are shared in our folder for PE.

Personal and Social Behaviour
Lifelong Skills
Motor Skills Development

Some FACTS about Flag Football... (taken from Interesting Facts on Flag Football)
  • This rugby-like game became the forerunner of American football 
  • The first organized flag football game is thought to have been played in the 1930's
  • Flag football became popular on military bases in the 1940's and recreational leagues followed shortly after
  • Players have three downs (or chances) to cross the midfield or score - three extra downs are awarded once the midfield has been crossed
  • The ball changes hands when teams fail to cross the midfield or score

Finishing up our discussion on flag football... What new thinking has taken place at the end of our unit?

I wonder, what new understandings have you gained after your participation in flag football? 

Draw upon our enduring understanding, essential questions, as well as our experiences in PE and/or a flag football-related resource to help guide your thinking.


  1. What is flag football? Flag football is a game like american football, but instead you have to pull of their flags in order to stop the other team from getting a touchdown. Like most sports, you also have to train and practice in order to be successful in your games.

  2. What is flag football?
    Flag football is just like american football but instead of tackling people to the ground you rip off the flags of there belt.
    What movement skills and concepts practiced in invasion activities transfer into flag football?
    In invasion games like capture the flag you have to be very agile and fast so people wont tag you. I guess that really applies to to flag football so people don't rip your flag out. In class I noticed a person who had the football and was running and the person realized that someone was about to rip the flag out. So the person kind of spinned around so the flags in there belt flapped around more.

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